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Fredrik Karlsson goes against what most of his buddies spend their time and money on. Not as the watch-lover or interior design-fan he is, but rather in being a young bloke collecting art. Yep, you heard it right! He collects art.

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Artworks met up with Fredrik for a Q&A session to discuss the arts and business. 

Hi Fredrik, who are you?

My name in Fredrik Karlsson. I'm 28 years old and living in Stockholm.

You seem to be good at what you do. Describe your business style as Account Manager?

For the last 6 years, I’ve been working as an Account Manager for a company called UC here in Stockholm. Besides the day job, I am doing interior design projects, buying and selling bits of furniture, art and rare watches. I've also jumped on to the real-estate ladder - renovating and shifting a few apartments. This goes hand in hand with my interest in interior design and something that I’d love to do more of in the future. It is really fun and stimulating.

What time do you come into work, and what eats up most of your office time? 

I come in at 8am and leave the office usually around 5pm. As an Account Manager my job is to handle and manage my clients' need and meet their expectations. I believe I work hard, I want to do a good job. Last year I did really well, and as a result, I was awarded UC's best sales person within my entire company. I am very happy and proud over that accomplishment.

Wow, well done and congrats to that. Moving into our common love for art, what was your entry ticket to the art world?

Roughly a year ago, I got into art more seriously. I had been collecting furniture for a while - mainly Poul Kjærholm pieces (produced by E. Kold Christensen) but felt that something was missing in my home and figured that I needed some works of art to go along the furniture. It wasn't more complex than that.

So when everyday life eats up most of the day, how do you get your daily dose of art dust? 

I browse the Internet and social media a lot. I also get my dose from the pieces that I have at home as well as from visiting inspirational locations around town that offer quality art. Could be an art gallery but might as well be a restaurant or a store. There is plenty around, art is not just confined to art museums and galleries.

Most interesting Swedish artist today? 

I have to say Emma Bernhard, I really love her work. I'm a lucky owner of one of her paintings, I'm super proud of it. It has the prime spot in my apartment.

Most interesting Swedish art gallery today? 

Tough question... Erik Nordenhake has always been fascinating. I believe he's good at spotting emerging talents. I visited the gallery a couple of weeks ago for Emma Bernhard's opening. 

I also enjoy visiting Dusty Deco. They are great for general inspiration, offer a cool variation of products and the crew is really friendly. Roger Björkholmen is one not to miss either. He's "an old fart" as he describes himself, with a an impressive representation of artists such Jenny Källman and Lukas Göthman.

At home, what art is hanging on your walls? 

As mentioned, I have a painting by Emma Bernhard. Three works from Landon Metz, two canvases from Lukas Göthman, one Christopher Wool poster and a Franz Kline print coming any day now. I'm having it framed as we speak.

The most recent piece of art that made a strong impression on you? 

Have to be my Christopher Wool poster that a bought a month ago. I love the feeling of having a piece of work from an internationally renowned artist. The fact that my girlfriend loves it, too, is a huge bonus!

Any work of art that you dream of hanging on your walls? 

Would probably be an original Franz Kline canvas. I have a deep affection for his artistic expression and I'm a fan of abstract art. Christopher Wool's abstract works are also to dream of. But financially, his price-level will require years of good investments in order for me to get there. One day, I will though.

More realistically though, I am looking to purchase a Wes Lang piece. It has come available through a friend and I would be super stoked framing one of his iconic hand-drawn ink paintings.

You're obvisously using the Internet to discover art, but, could you see yourself buying art online? 

Absolutely, I have bought a lot of stuff using online auctions. I love the excitement of bidding wars, haha. Sometimes you’ll find what you are looking for at a bargain but the other day you end up paying a bit too much. The price is not the motivation. Once having it on my wall, it provides so much positive energy to the room, and my soul.

Do you do it today? Where do you go fishing? 

Bukowskis, Lauritz, Stockholms Auktionsverk, Paddle8 and some more smaller local auction houses around Sweden.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to, art-related, this year?

This autumn, I may have a chance to go and see my friend Landon Metz again in his studio in Brooklyn. I hope it comes off, I love that city and naturally Landon's work. 

In May, I’m heading to Paris for a weekend with my girlfriend. Besides some quality time, we will most certainly visit a few galleries and design museums. Otherwise I’m quite busy looking for a new apartment since I've recently sold mine.


Name: Fredrik Karlsson

Work title: Account Manager

Home: Östermalm, Stockholm

Started collecting: 2016

Instagram: freddekarlsson

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