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We asked Per Josefsson, one of the top dogs at Brummer & Partners, to answer a few of Artworks’ questions in 60 seconds

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Why are the arts important for you?

The arts are important because it helps me to understand the world, and myself.

Do you have any visible examples where it is clear that arts and business combined is prosperous to both?

Moderna Museet and Brummer & Partners. Moderna has helped us enhance our brand and I think we have helped them associate with a modern, fast growing, and creative company, which is good for their brand.

How can business help increase funding for the arts?

By understanding more of what the arts can do for business in terms of creativity, and reflection.

How can artists help businesses?

By not being afraid, and by being prepared to talk about their works.

What could Artworks do to foster even more collaborations between the arts and business?

Seminars, or open discussion with interesting people.

In order of importance from 1 to 6, what values do the arts bring to you?

Descending from the most important: Creativity, inspiration, productivity, happiness, well-being and business acumen

Per Josefsson co-founded Brummer & Partners in 1995, together with four colleagues from asset management firm Alfred Berg.

Per and his wife, Lena, have devoted themselves to philanthropic work within the arts. Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the audio theater Audiorama are two examples of institutions in which they have they have invested their time and resources. They have also supported projects in developing countries such as Kenya and India. In addition, Per is a member of The International Council of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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