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Matthew Slotover, co-founder of Frieze, imagines his art fairs through Google Glass

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What do you think makes the perfect number of guests at an art fair?

That is really tough. You want to make sure you have a good visitor experience; you want to have a buzz, but not be too busy. Frieze Masters had a quarter of the number of people that Frieze did and some loved it and some thought it was dead. You can’t please everyone.

It’s a bit like Tyler Brulé’s quote about advertising in magazines – a magazine without ads seems wrong.

I prefer to be alone though and spend as much time looking at the art as possible. I get enough social interaction in everyday life.

What technology would you use if you had an unlimited budget?

It would be great to have Google Glass. You’d need to make sure there was a lot of information displayed by the galleries about the art works. You could choose whether or not you wanted to see the prices. You could have a gallery map connecting the different works, artists and galleries.

What aspect of art fairs would you leave out if you could in an ideal world?

I’d leave out the VIP area and different entry times for different people. I’d like it to be egalitarian.

If you could choose just one person to accompany you around a fair, who would it be?

Eivind Furnesvik, who started gallery Standard (Oslo). He’s just joined our board and he’s great. He’s funny, clever and has nurtured a great body of artists.

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