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Q&A with music, tech and media spirit Elin Mårtensson.

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Artworks caught up with a career focused, business driven, city girl who loves art and music and dream of chasing obscure gigs around the globe. This is Elin Mårtensson, in a nutshell, who is also as an account director at Spotify managing the ad business in Sweden. 

Elin feels lucky to have both the business side and the arts as a part of her lifestyle. "It's a pretty cool mix". 

Hej Elin, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Where are you right now and what are you wearing?

I'm on a train going south with a Swedish, red sunset swiping by my window. I'm all dressed in black except for my gold rings that I'm wearing on my ring fingers everyday. I'm taking my Acne boots for one last stroll before putting them down for a long, well deserved rest.

What is a day in life for you like?

There's not much of a routine in my life at all. 

I'm no morning person though, so snoozing is my morning programme. They say it's genetic. I've had a few half-hearted attempts to stop this habit, but now I'm just accepting it. I refuse to disappoint myself for not making it to the gym in the morning. It's all a norm these days to wake up at dawn - no one really salutes the night owl, right? 

But whenever I'm up early my mind is usually childishly clear, so I use that opportunity to write. I've been working on a novel for the last 16 years or so. 

After that, I'm hitting the streets of Stockholm with music pumping in my headphones, making it in time for my morning meetings. Working a Spotify naturally includes a lot of music, and most days I'm the office DJ, often kicking off the morning with some good old heavy metal to wake my colleague up.

At lunchtime, it's either a business lunch or I'm running around Stockholm pinching the fabric of some garment I shouldn't buy but most certainly do anyway. 

The evenings contain of music, friends, wine and books. I don't watch TV-series but promise myself to start. It seems so comfortable. But I don't have a TV and I'm not hooked by the idea. 

When did you last visit an art event and what did you like/not like about it?

I have a soar eye for contemporary art. 

Do you think art will ever become as everyday as music?

Music is so accessible these days. It's right there for you in your pocket and can instantly enhance your mood. And it never asks questions. 

Personally, I think of music as art, but I know not everyone else does the same. And in contrast to music, art is a luxury, something you do occasionally, and not a necessity. 

Not a lot of my friends experience and expose themselves to art and therefor might not crave it. To me, art used to be something that I had to chase, something that took time and something that wasn't "for me" as I never studied it or knew too much about it. 

I recently realised that art affects me in the same way a good song does. Today, I could feel the same about a piece weather I know who's behind it or not. I'm hoping for more people to find that uncomplicated love for art. It's quite pleasant and rewarding. 

Will there every be a Spotify but for art?

Most certainly, to whatever extend it's needed. I would be a heavy user, for sure. I found my "Spotify for art" through Instagram and Pinterest's brilliant algorithms and it made my life so much better. 

It takes some effort, "liking" the right content everyday, but it's been worth it. Today my "discover" feed on Instagram makes any art lover jealous. 

Elin finish off the sentence "Art is best consumed...  

All alone inside a big museum with rock n roll music playing in my headphones. 

One of my most memorable art experiences took place last year at LACMA. I was listening to The Rolling Stones album "Exile on main St." and walked around by myself a whole day. 

What does your social media diet consist of?

I love Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Property aside, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?

Considering the context I wish I could say some cool work of art, but it's probably a piece of furniture or my Chanel bag.

Who would you invite to your dinner party?


What is a must-see in your neighbourhood?

Gustav Vasas church in the sunset. One of the most majestic buildings in Stockholm. 

What’s your favourite album cover?  

I'm not sure why, but I love the cover of The Cardigans "Long gone before daylight". It's so simple and inviting. 


Age: 28

Job title: Account director at Spotify

Favourite art gallery: Galerie Forsblom at Karlavägen

Favourite artist: Adolph Gottlieb is my favourite painter and Jennie Jieun Lee when it comes to sculptures