Alexandra Karpilovski

Alexandra Karpilovski

The Ukrainian born Swedish artist graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy In Amsterdam in 2014. Since then her work has developed into a multi-disciplinary practice with sculptures, ranging from miniature ceramics to large scale installations, performances, texts and paintings and has been exhibited in galleries and venues such as Cirkus, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Konstnärshuset, Konsthall & Riche among others as well as a multitude of off-spaces in Sweden and abroad. Working both massive and small scale she creates spaces with a focus on the inner and the cultural conditioning it involves. A place for contemplation and relaxation, erased borders and permanent vacation. With returning symbols that symbolise emotions rather than subject, Karpilovski focuses on moods and feelings, continuously working without excuses. Moving freely and never standing still. As a part of the performance duo Karpilovski + LVM, Karpilovski transforms her poems and texts into moving images and sound installations which build a loud and sharp contrast to her more sensitive paintings. As a continuation of her practice, Karpilovski also works in collaboration with other artists and commissions include Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Mossutställningar, NUDA, Dusty Deco Showroom, Fria Viner, SKH, Department Stockholm & Studio Barnhus. As well as co-curating events and exhibitions such as So Long St Salong, PLX Tjärö and Atlasgruppens tårar.

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