Erika Grape

Erika Grape

ABOUT THE ARTIST Erika Grape is a 1994-born abstract painter, illustrator, writer and YouTube content creator based and active in Sweden, Europe. She's a fine arts high school graduate, university dropout and twice a uni of arts reject with two years of foundation school experience in fine art, graphic design and illustration. In 2016 she had a custom made piece featured in New York Times bestselling novel "It Gets Worse" by author Shane Dawson. Erika's work is often infiltrated by her great passion for punk/pop-punk music and thereby occasionally come with a certain degree of political undertones. Other than that she likes to keep her work almost completely intuitive and experimental, like an emotional outlet, which makes the process a more vital part of the not necessarily as important end result. "I've always been obsessed with song lyrics, completely tearing them apart and applying them to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences. They help me understand myself without even trying, because initially they come from someone else's perspective. When I paint I want to share that understanding in a way that's cryptic enough not to totally expose myself which is why I've chosen to do it abstract. Like a song lyric, everyone has different interpretations of it, and I really like that".

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