Matilda Dominique

Matilda Dominique

Born 1983 in Enköping, Sweden. MFA from Konstfack (2014). Based in Stockholm. I make hand-woven sculptural objects that loosely refer to textiles that can be found in a home; objects used to clean, dry, heat, screen and protect. The scale of my woven structures is however huge in comparison and the objects I make are not at all functional. Still, people often refer to memories of dish cloths or remember how they learned embroidery on fabrics that resemble my work. In my mind I move between being an engineer that creates soft buildings, a researcher of material experiments and a weaver who endlessly repeats the same patterns. The structures I weave are built up by threads that each moves silently through the grid of the textile. Inside this grid, as well as in-between each thread, spaces are built up where air can travel around and through the construction. In a room I can use my sculptures to create installations and make new spaces within the already existing. Each object is placed in dialogue with one another, and the gaps in-between the threads become windows to see what is placed behind. Photo: Elin Sylwan

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