Moa Franzén

Moa Franzén

Moa Franzén (b. 1985) is an artist and writer based in Stockholm. Her practice encircles writing and performance and places itself in and between visual arts, choreography and literature. Franzén's work evolves around the relation between language and violence, rethorics and ideology, body, power and vulnerability – most often with writing as the base, voice as the tool and performance as form. Franzén works within curatorial collaborations where the organization of temporary spaces for exhange, conversation and perfomance is of key interest. She is involved in the curatorial constellation We Happen Things together with the choreographers and dancers Tove Salmgren and Manon Santkin, and the seminar project Flacka together with visual artist Sofia Magdalena Eliasson. Recent work includes the performance From a throat of flesh, participation in the collective writing project Omspelning/Replay/Uusintaotto/Repetición, curated by Finnish artist Lena Séraphin and a performance-in-progress with choreographer Mira Mutka in her project Slowothek for Scenkonst Sörmland. Franzén has a BA in Visual Arts from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Kunstakademiet in Bergen, and a MA in Choreography from New Performative Practices at DOCH.

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