Nadia Martinez

Nadia Martinez

My creative process is informed by the freedom I derive from working with diverse media including printmaking, mixed media, painting, sculptures, and installations and traditional and unconventional materials like computer parts. Working with a variety of mediums, allows me to express more precisely my vision and my "language," which would otherwise be difficult to say in words. I work two- and three-dimensionally, often combining techniques that help me obtain balance and diversity on my work. I strive to make statements that are positive and uplifting through words, colors, and concepts. My memories of childhood, nature, and architecture are my inexhaustible sources of inspiration. The interaction between humans and nature and the qualities that shape our faith and values- these are the themes that are often reflected in my work. My work is a reflection of my daily encounters and experiences. I've always been interested in creating my language while at the same time creating something that others can interpret on their own, no translation necessary.

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