Niki Cervin

Niki Cervin

Niki Cervin (b. 1985 in Stockholm) currently based in Malmö. Cervins body of work express vulnerable and exposed settings. Thorough large scale paintings she portrays a scene where a chaotic event has taken place. In Cervins recent series, »The Aftermath«, she examines landscapes which have been exposed to extreme weather, leaving it scattered and unrecognisable. Cervin is currently working towards a solo show at EKS-rummet, Copenhagen (DK). Previous shows; Galleri Estetica, Malmö, (SE), group show at Skissernas Museum, Lund (SE), group show at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg (SE) and a solo show at Staffanstorps Konsthall, Staffanstorp (SE). 

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