Sara Forsström

Sara Forsström

The ground is being transformed into another kind of landscape where what is small and close becomes something vast and found. A surface of structure, highlights and glitter. I work as a painter, sculptor and installation artist in Norra Västerbotten. In my work I combine the materials from this northern taiga with its pines, earth and needles with artificial materials such as tarpaulins, straps, and glitter. The majority of my practice lies in field work. Driven by a pull to expose myself to the realness and rawness of the land, I plan and conduct smaller expeditions in which I explore and push my limits. On trails and in tents I collect, observe, document and then I paint, draw, instal and write. Filtering what I find through my sieve of perception. Skellefteå, October 2021

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Educated at Gerlesborgskolan