Thomas Dalarud

Thomas Dalarud

My name is Thomas Dalarud and I’m a visual artist that spent most of my younger years drawing and painting with oil as my main means of communication really. Over time, I also discovered other ways to express myself such as photography and graphic fine art. In the early 80’s I also graduated as a graphic designer and have kept that line of work parallel to my artwork up until recently too. Lately, I have found my way back to photography and woodcut block-printing as my more recent ways of manifesting my inner life again. Naturally, since I consider myself a spiritual inclined person my artwork is a reflection along an inner journey of devotional explorations, one can say. I have ventured onto a path of an ever deepening involvement with the ”natural state of being”.  Due to my deep interest in the natural environment I have chosen to live in the province of Dalarna, Sweden were I finds myself surrounded by the natural beauty of central Scandinavia. Prior to that, for many years, I traveled and lived in other parts of the world and slowly did a deep love and sense of connection with nature emerged in me. As one of my on-going projects I have chosen to ”stay local” and engage with the immediate natural landscape around me. I am trying to train myself to experience the magic of the ”everyday-kind-of-wonders” of the world around me. -”It is all about giving up ambition and remaining as natural as possible in my relationship with nature.” I studied painting & sculpture at Birkagårdens Konstlinje, Stockholm for 2 years in the mid 1980's I have a degree as Art Director & Graphic Designer from RMI/Berghs, Stockholm 1978-1980 I am currently a working member at Falu Konstgrafiska Verkstad, Falun   I love to be in touch with you, so please use if you want to come in contact with me.

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