Details From the Future, 2007

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Technique: Video

Edition: 3

In the autumn of 2006, I found out that my mother and her sister Jacqueline were extras in the movie Z by Constantin Costa-Gavras. They were acting in scenes of political demonstrations, which was recorded in Algerian in 1969.

I decided to find my mother in the film. In the process of carefully scouring each video clip for a glimpse of her, I discovered that all the women in the film could possibly be my mother. A narrative accompanying the images recalls different events we shared together.

My mother never told me very much about her past, giving me a vague picture of her French-Al- gerian background. She also lost contact with her family when she came to Sweden in 1973. For this reason, she has no photographs from her youth. Could this film offer the first document of her life before me?