'Scary, beautiful truth - waste carpet', 2017, ett konstverk av Anna Afzelius-Alm
Scary, beautiful truth - waste carpet, 2017


Technique: Oil

80 x 60 x 1.5 cm

On view at Gallery Backlund's Spring Saloon opening May 5 in Gothenburg.

After one week of the flue it sure feels good to be painting again! I had the opportunity to scroll through a lot of news, pics and stories while in bed, and on FB I stumbled upon a video on ocean pollution. What hit me was that even though you know all the facts, for most  people it still remains very abstract and as long as your daily life is not affected visibly, most people probably have a hard time changing habits. This carpet of plastic waste is drowning our oceans... well, couldn’t resist reflecting on it anyway... It's a scary, but visually beautiful truth this waste carpet....if you love colours as I do ;o). Painted with knife and tube.