'The Protestor II ', 2020, ett konstverk av Bergthor Morthens
The Protestor II , 2020

14 500 SEK


46 x 38 cm

Acrylic and silicone on canvas mounted on masonite.

Acrylic and silicone on canvas.

Portrait of Jón Sigurðsson. His birthday, the 17th of June, was chosen as Iceland's National Holiday to recognise his efforts toward Icelandic Independence. He is often referred as President ('Jón Forseti') by Icelanders.
At a national meeting called by the Danish government in 1851, Jón Sigurðsson led Icelandic representatives in opposing a new constitution, which would limit Icelander's rights. 'Vér mótmælum allir!´ ('We all protest!') they famously called out. It is a famous moment in Icelandic history and fight for independence.