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Artworks is your local art guide. We want to make it super-easy and a bit more fun for you to experience the art scene. A new breeding ground for new art lovers and collectors.The concept grew from running a small but quite popular arts and business magazine, Artworks Journal.

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to establish that few industries have defied the digital revolution quite like the primary art market. While new technology and digital innovations have forced the television, film, music and media industries to rethink their business models, the art market seems impervious to the ascent of digital opportunities.

The online space has also changed the way we experience, exchange ideas and talk about things. No longer is public discussion limited to the artist, the curator or the newspaper critic; there is now a vast array of voices engaged in the debate around art and the public audience has an active part in this discussion.

We realised that many people felt the same way and just didn’t know where to turn to find information about art and art events that did not relate browsing the local newspapers, Google or tips from friends and family.

Some words about Artworks

“A fantastic resource to improve business activity in the arts” Noah Horowitz, Executive Director at The Armory Show

“Without a doubt, Artworks is the best looking and also editorially the most important platform in Scandinavia” Pontus Silfverstolpe, arts and antiques expert and co-founder of Barnebys.com

“Excellent quality, I look forward to sharing with my peers” Charles Saumarez Smith, Secretary and Chief Executive at Royal Academy of Arts, London

“This is certainly very timely and has some great contributors” Jeremy O’Sullivan, Cultural Attaché at European Commission

“Have to say that Artworks is the most energetic and inspiring platform that I’ve come across in a long time!” Helene Stallin, curator at Regionmuseet Kristianstad, Sweden

“Impressive” Lars Nittve, Executive Director at M+ Hong Kong

“It’s fab! I think it looks really cool and it’s a pertienent concept.” Lars Hemming Jorgensen, Publisher & CEO VICE & VIRTUE Worldwide

“This is not bad at all, truthfully, it deserves world-wide attention” Jan Widlund, art collector, lawyer, vice chairman The Friends of Museum of Modern Art Stockholm

“Love the Artworks platform, very proud to be involved” Ajaz Ahmed, Founder at AKQA

“I’ve only skimmed, but the pieces that I have read is really encouraging and presented well as a call-to-action. Congratulations on the fine work!” Professor Lars Strannegård, Vice President at Stockholm School of Economics

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We love going to great museums, but finding out about them can be difficult and time consuming. When everyday life eats up most of your time, you need a reliable and easy tool to help you explore the art world around you.

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