Prominent art spaces in Stockholm

Loyal Gallery 

Loyal Gallery was established in 2005 in the wake of the eponymous magazine founded by a creative collective of Martin Lilja, Kristian Bengtsson and Amy Giunta at its core. When their ideas outgrew the paper format it led to an innovative art space opening in Stockholm, and has since its opening been located in Vasastan. Ever since their first opening Loyal has regularly been engaged in projects in New York and Los Angeles and has had a space in Malmö harbor. Today the gallery is run by co-founders and owners Martin Lilja and Amy Giunta, contributing with unique expressions otherwise not represented within the Stockholm art scene. Their main driving forces have always been creativity and enthusiasm, which is visible throughout all their actions, collaborations and events.

Loyal Gallery represents an impressive number of artists, primarily based in the US. 

Adress: Odengatan 3, Stockholm. Opening Hours: SAT 12-16, TUES-FRI  by appointment.

Stene Projects Gallery 

Stene Projects Gallery is a commercial art gallery for contemporary art and ideas. Stene Projects is inspired by the computer operating system Linux. The gallery strives to be an open and module-based democratic space in a modern and digital age. Artists represented share an interest in slow artistic processes, attention to materiality, and/or the dichotomy of analogue, digital and historical, present. By working with the contrast between visual clarity and multifaceted conceptual ideas these artists make thought-provoking art reflecting the existential conditions of contemporary life.

The gallery space is situated in a former stable from 1772. The inner courtyard connects the gallery space with the office/lounge towards the street.

Adress: Brunnsgatan 21B. Opening Hours: THUR-FRI  12-17, SAT 12-15,  remaining days open after appointment. 

Domeij Gallery 

An intimate gallery foremost associated with contemporary painting. Since the start in 2013, director Christer Domeij has stayed true to his aim to provide an innovative forum for art and has put on a number of really good shows, including the works by photographer Nygårds Karin Bengtsson.

Adress: Bragevägen 21, Stockholm Opening Hours: THUR-FRI 12-17, SAT 12-15,   remaining days open after appointment. 

Mega Foundation/ Tegel

Mega Foundation is an intimate Stockholm based gallery/art space, founded in 2015 by independent curator Maria Elena Guerra Aredal, who focuses on new contemporary art. From 2018 MEGA joined forces with yek (Independent curator Asrin Haidari) to open new contemporary art space “TEGEL". The space is shared between the two curators and they produce exhibitions and projects both together and individually.

 Adress: Tegelviksgatan 51, Stockholm. Opening Hours: By appointment (or every Saturday during exhibitions periods). 

Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

Index is a vital art institution with an extensive public programme, large projects, many of a collaborative nature, that often lead to displays of newly produced works. Keep track of their Wednesday events which usallys includes a truly diverse line-up that offers everything from live performances to readings and magazine launches.

Address: Kungsbro Strand 19, Stockholm. Opening Hours: WED-SUN 12-18