Staffan Westerlund

Staffan Westerlund

Painting is the motive. The place and the non-place are the starting point. To see new connections, beyond the existing, invariable and prejudicial, is the ambition. The love of life, the living, is the driving force. The starting point in my work is something I recognize, places and circumstances that I identify with and may have worked on before but have not been aware of. In painting I seek the power that nature itself creates seemingly meaningless, without plan. In childhood, the forest was always a permissive and inviting playground. A place to return to to see and experience change. When I go out into the forest today, I am still playful and curious. Noticing the details, sounds, reflections, nature's whirls and scents. Constantly aware that everything is threatened by trivialities, emissions, war and point of view. For me, painting is an act of resistance, as both plan and improvisation.

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