Ulrika Wärmling

Ulrika Wärmling

Born 1970 in Uppsala, Lives and works in Stockholm. She is educated at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 1997-2002. For many years I have depicted subcultures. During my last years at the Royal Institute of Art I worked on a project with anarcha feminists in Stockholm, how altering their appearance would change the audience's attitudes towards them. If dressing them in pink dresses would make people like them more and if that could increase the possibilities for creating a dialogue between the anarcha feminists and their antagonists.. I was also interested in how they could "become girls" using the pink dresses. This interest in dressing up to become male or female drew me towards the japanese Lolita subculture where there is a strong element of cross-dressing. At first as a part of my Gothic exhibition Les Pièces Noires, where I wanted to create something of a dark Victorian parlor, but after a while I became more interested in the Lolita culture in its own right.
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