Objects, about., 2021





Fotografi / Photography

24.6 x 32 x 1.7 cm


485 SEK

"Objects, about." a newly published book sprung from a participatory project that interprets "The Collection of the Perfect Objects", where 34 persons have written texts based on Maria Johansson's work and its titles.

Photo: Sara Danielsson
Editor: Sujy Lee
Design: Karin Rosenberg
Artist: Maria Johansson

Pages: 88
Illustration: 36 colour photos.
Edition: 500 ex, numbered and signed.
Format: Thread bound hardcover, raw cut edge on two sides. 150 g matt paper.
Language: 18 English and 15 Swedish texts. Other texts, foreword etc. in English.
Including: A folded poster with line drawings of all Objects, 21cm x 138 cm.

Writers: Alexandra Taranu, Alisa Grifo, Anders Wettler, Anna Neander, Buster Hollingworth, Cilla Ramnek, Daniel Butnariu, Daniel Siemaszko, Ellen Klintenberg, Elin Manker, Gunilla Lundahl, Helena Hertov, Jan Erichsen, Jenny Edlund, Jeongwon Chae, Johanna Uddén, Johnny Chang, Jonatan Lennman, Katie Jacobson, Kornelius Dahl, Lina Ekdahl, Ludvig Ödman, Maikaego Dingalo, Maria Johansson, María Renée Morales Lam, Mårten Melin, Martina Margetts, Martina Pachmanovoa, Meryem Saadi, Mike Inglis, Nana Eshelman Håkansson, Roberta Burchardt, Sanna Lindholm, Sofia Östlund, Sujy Lee and Yuying Hu

Publisher: Maria Johansson
Printed: Livonia Print, Riga 2021
ISBN: 978-91-519-9621-9

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